DNA Appliance

By Dr. Roger Roubal

DNA Appliance
There are many sleep apnea treatment options, but only one that has the potential to eliminate your sleep apnea forever. The DNA appliance goes beyond just opening your airway while you wear it, it seeks to reshape your bones to improve airflow even when you aren’t wearing it. Part sleep apnea treatment, part orthodontic treatment, the DNA Appliance is a new and exciting option for sleep apnea sufferers.

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Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea


The basic cause of obstructive sleep apnea is that a person’s airway may be too narrow or improperly configured to remain open during sleep, when gravity pulls down on tissues and supportive muscles relax.

CPAP keeps airways open by forcing air into them and into the lungs. Traditional oral appliances work by positioning the jaw or soft tissues so that the airways can stay open while the appliance is in place.

How the DNA Appliance Works

The rationale behind the DNA Appliance is that in a properly shaped airway, the bones should be shaped to adequately support the soft tissues so airflow is not interrupted even when muscles relax.

Therefore, the DNA Appliance seeks to reshape your bones to achieve good airflow in your airway. Utilizing the same principles that allow for orthodontic treatments, the DNA appliance puts pressure on your bones when you wear it. This encourages your bones to change shape in response to the pressure. Ultimately, your bones achieve the desired shape, and your sleep apnea is cured.

The DNA Appliance is able to achieve a permanent reshaping of your airway without the possible risks of surgery (which are increased for sleep apnea sufferers). Best of all, you don’t have to wear it all day like you would have to for traditional braces or even clear braces. You just wear it during the evening and while you sleep.

To learn whether the DNA Appliance is the right treatment option for you, please contact Dr. Roger Roubal in Omaha, Nebraska for an evaluation.